The Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry

SHL River Float

Jun 10, 2012 / 9:00 AM

Givhans Ferry State Park

Come float with us! It's time to get rid of your stresses and relax on the river! We'll be starting out at Givhans Ferry State Park ($2 per adult entry, all day access!) and floating down to Boat Landing Road. The trip down the river is about 4 miles, so roughly 4 hours. Want to learn more about the types of floats to use? Read more here: Want to know what floating the Edisto is all about? Then read this one ;) We will get to the park around 9-930am and will be on the water no later than 1030am. This helps get us off the river before our lovely afternoon storms develop. If you're late, we'll leave you! Cell phone service is limited ;) **DO NOT FORGET** 1. Public display of alcohol is prohibited. 2. Bring hats and sunscreen! 3. Bring snacks and drinks! 4. BAG YOUR TRASH! We float in the river, not in a garbage dump :) 5. Kids are welcome, but parents are responsible and must supervise their own children. If you'd like to join us and would like more information, you can RSVP on either the Facebook or the Meetup pages, or you can email

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