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Stipends Available to SHL Members

The Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry provides financial assistance to encourage its members to attend atheist/humanist conventions and summer camps. Beginning in February 2012, stipends of up to $200 are available for dues paying members of SHL to attend a secular convention or camp.

  • Examples of appropriate conventions are Carolinas Secular Conference, AHA's annual conference, AAA National Convention or American Atheists national convention.
  • Sponsored secular summer camps are Camp Quest and Camp Inquiry.
  • Recipients must submit an article within 90 days of the sponsored event about their experience to be published in the Separationist newsletter.
  • Stipends are granted on a first-come-first-served basis until the maximum of five stipends have been distributed in any calendar year.
  • Only one stipend can be received per membership in any two year period. Stipends for individual members must go to the individual named on the membership. Family memberships can also be used to pay for expenses of dependent minors.
  • Applications must be received and approved prior to attendance.
  • An application should include:
    • Name and SHL membership status of applicant.
    • Description of the event for which the stipend will be applied.
    • Amount requested (up to $200) to reimburse costs of registration, travel and lodging. (Meal costs are not covered.)
    • Brief essay explaining what applicant hopes will be the benefits of the experience and justifying amount requested.
  • For more information or to apply for a stipend, write to

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