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SHL Book Group: What Can You Believe If You Don't Believe in God?

April 28, 2019 4:00 pm

Barnes & Noble
1812 Sam Rittenberg Blvd
Charleston, SC

For our April book group meeting, we are reading "What can you believe if you don't believe in God?" by Michael Werner.

Many people criticize the "rise of the Nones" for its nihilism. "There's no God," full stop, is not a useful replacement for the comfort and guidance traditional religion seeks to provide. As he so eloquently conveyed in person at our monthly gathering in March, Werner believes in plenty. He believes in the lifestance many call "humanism," which he puts in compelling historical perspective. He believes in knowledge, and how humankind can attain it, without the benefit of supernatural revelation. He believes in shared human values, and in a thoughtful process for developing them. Check out his book where all of these ideas are presented in an entertaining and clear fashion, and then join other humanists at this book group meeting to discuss and dive deeper into the questions that the book raises.

Join us on the fourth Sunday of each month at the West Ashley Barnes & Noble store for discussions of important topics of interest to SHL members. You can see a list of our previous readings here ( and our the list of books we are considering for future Book Club meetings here (

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