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Upcoming SHL Event:

January SHL Meeting: A Philosophical Discussion

January 21, 2018 4:00 pm

Gage Hall
4 Archdale St.
Charleston, SC

One of the best things about SHL is the opportunity to have philosophical discussions with other bright, rational people. In lieu of a speaker in January, we'll celebrate our own expertise and opinions. Psychologist Bonnie Cleaveland, SHL's VP and Secretary will facilitate a round-table discussion. Two topics are on the agenda for the hour: * Free Speech: Some people consider free speech to be absolute. Others believe that hate speech should be suppressed. What are the practical consequences of allowing vs. suppressing certain kinds of speech, and who gets to decide? * Atheism: New Atheists mock religion relentlessly. Friendly Atheists take a gentler approach. What is, or should be, the "atheist agenda." Are both strategies important, or is one clearly better? Afterward, stay if you wish and continue the discussion over pizza!

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