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SHL Monthly Meeting: Atheism in Comedy, Your Funny or Your Life

March 19, 2017 4:00 pm

Gage Hall
4 Archdale St.
Charleston, SC

From Vaudeville to radio -- in clubs, auditoriums, print, television, film and on the Net -- our February speaker, Joshua Berg, will explore the evolution and impact throughout history, to the present and into the future, of religious belief, non-belief and anti-belief in comedy. Joshua will discuss representations in live comedic performance as well as trends in media, from groundbreaking shows like All in The Family, to books like The Cartoon History of Humanism, and films by the likes of Monty Python. The presentation will include video clips and readings from comics, many atheists, but all willing to address faith critically and with humor.

Beginning and ending with a few minutes of Joshua's original atheist stand-up comedy, he will break down the comedians and the jokes. He'll explore motivations and audience reception, including approval and acceptance as well as violence such as that perpetrated against Charlie Hebdo. He'll analyze different comedy genres from stand-up to satire from sociological and historical perspectives.

The presentation, Atheism in Comedy, Your Funny or Your Life, will be a welcome respite from some of the more serious issues, giving the audience some comic relief: a chance to let go and laugh. More than that, it is an exploration of an overlooked and under analyzed, yet extremely candid and potentially revealing conduit for expression of human belief and disbelief.

Joshua is a humanist who was raised in a liberal Jewish household, where his family encouraged critical thought and analysis. He is a humanist celebrant, who trained with John Figdor, the humanist chaplain at Stanford University as well as the Kochhar Humanist Education Program of the Humanist Institute. He was recently elected to the board of the Humanist Society, and is a contributor to the Humanist magazine and

Joshua spent 11 years as an actor, comedian and producer of theater in New York, 10 years in Los Angeles working as an administrator at Stephen Wise Temple, the largest Reform Jewish Temple and private school in Los Angeles and, most recently, he was the director of community programming at the Savannah Jewish Educational Alliance.

His website is and you can find him on Faceboook.

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