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Matt Dean
Sep 17 2011
The Great Debate: The Existence of God

The following e-mail announcement was sent by Matt Dean to the SHL News and Updates mailing list:


On Thursday, September 29th from 7-9pm in Physician's Auditorium on the College of Charleston campus, Jack Hoey Jr. and our own Herb Silverman will be debating about the Existence of God. Herb Silverman is a well respected atheist in the Charleston community and Jack Hoey Jr. serves on staff at Seacoast Church. There will be live music and refreshments directly following the debate outside of Physician's.

The Seacoast crowd is expected to be quite large. Plan to arrive early to get a seat.


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Sep 27 2011
Re: The Great Debate: The Existence of God

Some people have asked for help in locating the venue for this debate.

Physician's Auditorium is between St. Philip and Coming Streets just north of George Street downtown. It is building 47 on this map.

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