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Yvonne Michel
Aug 24 2015
September SHL Book Club

The following e-mail announcement was sent by Yvonne Michel to the Book Group mailing list:

Summer break is ending and as the newbie organizer for the SHL Book Club I am sending out my first email to you book club readers. Our next meeting will be Sunday, 9/27, at 4:30pm at the usual place: Barnes & Noble at 1812 Sam Rittenberg. John Childs, the immediate past organizer, has kindly agreed to facilitate our discussion of this month's selection The Better Angels of our Nature by Steven Pinker (a New York Times bestselling author) described as a provocative history of violence.

It is a rather long work, but don't be daunted. We can extend our discussion over two meetings if we like and, of course, having read the book thoroughly is never a staunch requirement.

But there is one thing I do ask of you. If you have come across any books you would like to recommend for our reading pleasure, please send that information to me at I, myself, have a growing list of books I am curious about and will share them with you when we meet. A couple of my titles include: Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Witches: the Riddle of Culture and Abundance: the future is better than you think. Solving riddles and discovering that things are better than I thought are some of my favorite things. As usual, we will go to dinner after the discussion at a local restaurant of our collective choosing.

See you next 4th Sunday,

Yvonne Michel

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