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Amy Monsky
Dec 20 2014
SHL Solstice Potluck

The following e-mail announcement was sent by Amy Monsky to the SHL News and Updates mailing list:

SHLís annual Winter Solstice Potluck will be held TOMORROW, Sunday on December 21, 2014, at 5 pm at the James Island home of Libby

Smith. Please bring an appetizer, salad, main dish, side dish, or

dessert to share. If you donít like to cook, wine, beer, and soft drinks

are always welcome.

What: Solstice Potluck and Book Auction
When: 12/21 at 5pm
Where: Libby's home, 611 North Shore Drive, Charleston

Who: Primarily for adults. Children are welcome, but this isn't especially kid-friendly so parents may want to bring something for their children.

Also, bring books, CDs, or DVDs for our annual book auction. Proceeds

will be donated to our Charity of the Quarter. Herb Silverman will be

our auctioneer. (To keep the auction from lasting an eternity, please

bring items related directly to humanism/atheism/freethought.)

We hope to see you there, and we would like to extend a special

invitation to people on our mailing list who rarely come to meetings, as

well as past speakers who are not members. There will be no meeting at

Gage Hall this month but we will return to our regular meeting format in


Finally, I'd like to apologize to anyone who received a second call-to-action email for SHL's fundraiser for DD2 students.  That was unintentional.  However, while I'm talking about it, we will be accepting donations at the potluck.

I hope to see you tomorrow at Libby's house!

Amy Monsky

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