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Alex Kasman
Nov 19 2014
Debate: Is Morality Natural or Supernatural?

The following e-mail announcement was sent by Alex Kasman to the SHL News and Updates mailing list:

Please consider attending a public debate that will be held on Thursday November 20 at 7PM in the auditorium of the School of Sciences and Mathematics Building at the corner of Calhoun Street and Coming Street on the campus of the College of Charleston.

Wallace Marshall, director of the Charleston chapter of Reasonable Faith, will be arguing that morality necessarily requires the existence of something supernatural, God.

Scott James, an associate professor of philosophy at UNC-Wilmington and author of An Introduction to Evolutionary Ethics, will be arguing that the idea that moral values are grounded in the nature of God is simply untenable.

Although the debate is not an official SHL event, it may be of interest to SHL members.  In fact, it sounds so interesting to me that I've agreed to be the moderator.

Hoping to see you there,

Alex Kasman
SHL Webmaster

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