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Sue Edward
Oct 3 2014
SHL Announcement

The following e-mail announcement was sent by Sue Edward to the Movie Club mailing list:

Hello movie club!

Our next movie is Saturday, October 4, 7pm at

Park Circle Films. We will view Jodorowsky's Dune. Following the movie

we will enjoy a late snack/drinks at a nearby restaurant. Hope you can

join us!


In 1975, Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky, whose

films EL TOPO and THE HOLY MOUNTAIN launched and ultimately defined the

midnight movie phenomenon, began work on his most ambitious project yet.

Starring his own 12 year old son Brontis alongside Orson Welles, Mick

Jagger, David Carradine and Salvador Dali, featuring music by Pink Floyd

and art by some of the most provocative talents of the era, including

HR Giger and Jean 'Moebius' Giraud, Jodorowsky's adaptation of Frank

Herbert's classic sci-fi novel DUNE was poised to change cinema forever.

"A funny, fascinating rumination on art, ambition and the

fickleness of fate. It's also unique in the history of film: a

documentary that goes behind the scenes of a movie for which not a

single scene was ever shot." - Film Threat

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