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Amy Monsky
Sep 19 2014
Last minute reminders and tips for SHL's 20th anniversary party at Cypress Gardens on 9/20

The following e-mail announcement was sent by Amy Monsky to the SHL News and Updates mailing list:

Here are a couple of last minute reminders and tips for SHL's 20th anniversary celebration tomorrow at Cypress Gardens:

The day time programs are ALL inside the building Dean Hall, so the weather will not affect our activities, which - RAIN OR SHINE - include:

Indoor planetarium 10-noon
Kids science activities plus juggler noon-1pm (pizza slices sold)
Roundtable discussion (see below) 1-3pm
Kids science activities 3-4pm


the entire park. You can enjoy everything Cypress Gardens has to offer,

which is a $10/adult person value. Just mention you are with SHL at the

admissions station.

Roundtable discussion - Participants (below)

will discuss religion and the U.S. Constitution, specifically, these

three main areas of inquiry: religion and healthcare, religion and

marriage and religion and war/geopolitics.

Participants include:
Herb Silverman is founder of Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry.
The Rev. Jeremy Rutledge is pastor at Circular Congregational Church.
Wallace Marshall runs the Charleston chapter of Reasonable Faith and organizes the Talks on Tap series.
Michael Acquilano is director of the South Carolina Catholic Conference.

Evening program is 5-9pm. Ticket is required. If you haven't already

reserved your ticket, they are now $15/each (5yo and under are free).

This includes appetizers, catered dinner from Taco Spot, celebration

cake, and presentation by Michael Newdow, the man whose challenge to the

"under God" in the pledge made it to the Supreme Court. There will also

be a silent auction.

Please note

that you must take a detour to get to Cypress Gardens since the wrecked

train a few months back took out a bridge and it hasn't been fixed yet.

It's easy to get to, but you need to check it out on the website,

depending on which end of town you are coming from.  SCDOTPHOTOS/CypressGardenRoadDetourPlan.pdf


If you're

still reading, good for you! Please do come. Even if it's just during

the day. This is a big deal for SHL and a LOT of work has been put into

it. It would be awesome to have as many people as possible come by and

say hi, participate, and take advantage of this special day. This

community is what you make of it. Please come be a part!  :)

We hope to see you at Cypress Gardens either during the day or at night, or both!

Amy Monsky

President, Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry

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