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Sue Edward
May 2 2014
SHL movie club

The following e-mail announcement was sent by Sue Edward to the Movie Club mailing list:

Hello movie club!

Please join us for a viewing of Méliès and Melodies, Saturday, May 3 2014, 7:00pm at the Park Circle Film Society, 4820 Jenkins Ave, North Charleston. Meet us inside the theater at 6:45pm. Following the movie we will enjoy drinks or a late snack/dessert at a nearby restaurant.

This is a special night of live music by noted performing artist and composer Laura Ball, set to the classic silent films of Georges Méliès, one of cinema's greatest pioneers.

Georges Melies, a professional magician by training, first saw the new "moving pictures" in 1895. Little over a year later, Melies was filming and projecting his own creations. By accident, he discovered that he could use stop-motion photography to render trick visual effects. Melies was also the first to use techniques such as the fade-in, the fade-out, and the dissolve to create the first real narrative films. Melies made over 500 films, his most famous being A Trip to the Moon (1902) (Voyage to the Moon). Melies, trained in classic eighteenth century theater, conceived all of his films in terms of fully played-out scenes. Unable to keep up with the changing industry, the end of his life was wrought with poverty, yet his films would be monumental stepping stones for great auteurs such as D.W. Griffith.

Hope to see you there!

Sue Edward

Movie Club coordinator

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