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Laura Kasman
Apr 10 2014
Volunteer Activity Update

The following e-mail announcement was sent by Laura Kasman to the Volunteer Network mailing list:

This Saturday morning SHL members will be volunteering at Colonial Dorchester Historic Site. We really hope you can be there to help. Here are a few details that we did not mention in the previous message:

* The weather is predicted to be beautiful. It should be a very nice day for gardening in a state park.

* Colonial Dorchester Historic Site is on Dorchester Road between Bacons Bridge and Old Trolley Roads. It is very close to Summerville and only a 30 minute drive from downtown Charleston. (Try using the address "CO RD S-18-373 Summerville SC" to get driving directions from software or see for driving directions that go through Summerville.)

* The volunteer activity is scheduled to last from 8:30 until 1:00 (with breakfast before and lunch after, provided by Summerville Cares Day of Service). That is a long time. If you can only come for *part* of it, that would still be great. Let us know when you will be arriving and leaving and we will figure out how to make it work.

If you are planning to join us, please reply to this e-mail to let us know and look for our volunteer coordinators holding an SHL sign near the registration desk on Saturday morning. Also, feel free to reply with any questions or comments.


SHL Volunteer Coordinators

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