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Amy Monsky
Sep 9 2013
SHL Announcement - Change in Refreshment System for Monthly Meetings

The following e-mail announcement was sent by Amy Monsky to the Monthly Meeting Reminders mailing list:

In another innovative move for SHL, it has been suggested that those attending meetings bring a small snack item from time to time. To even out this little task over the membership/attendees so that no one is asked more than once a year to bring a snack item, we are asking that members/attendees whose last name begins with one of the letters in parenthesis bring their snack item during the stated months:

September 15 (A-C)

October 20 (D-F)

November 17 (G-H)

Jan 19 (I-L)

Feb 16 (N-Pe)

March 16 (Pf-Sm)

April 20 (Sn-Z)

Suggested snack foods are cheese, crackers, fruit, granola bars, cookies, cake squares anything that one can eat without need of a fork or spoon. The snack item should be for about 8-12 people, which is the average number of servings in a container/bag. At a cost of about $5 for a one-time snack donation, we hope that no one is unduly burdened. As always, SHL will supply the paper goods and beverages.

It may take a couple of months until we have this down, and we will be happy for whatever snacks are brought. If you have any suggestions on how to simplify this process, please let us know.

Thank you,

Esther Lapin

Refreshments Coordinator

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