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John Childs
Jul 13 2013
SHL Announcement

The following e-mail announcement was sent by John Childs to the Book Group mailing list:

Attention SHL Book Group,

Our selection agreed upon by the recent poll to select a summer read came out as follows.

6 for "Did Jesus Exist?" by Bart D. Ehrman.

3 for "God and the Folly of Faith" by Victor J. Stenger

2 for "The Bonobo and the Atheist" by Frans de Waal

*please note titles above lack underlining as in original composition hence are in quotations only in this format.

A brief discription of our choice from the Amazon book site follows.

In Did Jesus Exist? historian and Bible expert Bart Ehrman confronts the question, "Did Jesus exist at all?" Ehrman vigorously defends the historical Jesus, identifies the most historically reliable sources for best understanding Jesus’ mission and message, and offers a compelling portrait of the person at the heart of the Christian tradition.

Known as a master explainer with deep knowledge of the field, Bart Ehrman methodically demolishes both the scholarly and popular “mythicist” arguments against the existence of Jesus. Marshaling evidence from within the Bible and the wider historical record of the ancient world, Ehrman tackles the key issues that surround the mythologies associated with Jesus and the early Christian movement.

In Did Jesus Exist?: The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth, Ehrman establishes the criterion for any genuine historical investigation and provides a robust defense of the methods required to discover the Jesus of history.

We will discuss this book at our first meeting the fourth Sunday of September at our usual location, the Barnes and Noble on Sam Rittenberg Blvd. at 4 in the afternoon. As always everybody is welcome keeping in mind that often those who don't read the book contribute meaningful discourse during our discussions. Looking forward to seeing you

John and Barbara

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