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John Childs
Jun 24 2013
SHL Announcement

The following e-mail announcement was sent by John Childs to the Book Group mailing list:

Rather than choose from our list as usual and given that we have three months to read a book over the rest of the summer Barbara and I decided to have everyone vote to choose one of three books that have recently been suggested by book group attendees.

So, in the next three days please send us a message with your preference for one of these and we will let everyone know by Thursday or Friday purchase information for this summers book.

1. God and the Folly of Faith, [Victor Stenger, 2012]

2. "The Bonobo and the Atheist" by Frans de Waal (a noted primatologist tells what we now know about the precursors of human morality as seen in our closest relatives, the primates)

3. "Did Jesus Exist?" by Bart Ehrman (a respected Bible scholar describes the concensus view about the existence of Jesus and expains why he feels some atheist theories that Jesus was completely mythological are problematic)

Please send your vote to John's E-Mail,

In closing those who didn't might consider reading Darrell Ray's (The God Virus) in that he will be our speaker at the first regular SHL meeting this Fall.

Thank You,

John and Barbara

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