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Amy Monsky
Apr 26 2013
Reminder: SHL's Swamp Fox Nature Hike tomorow

The following e-mail announcement was sent by Amy Monsky to the SHL News and Updates mailing list:

Please join us for a fun 6-mile nature walk along the Swamp Fox portion of the Palmetto Trail. SHL members (and sisters) Sharon Yomtob and Mandy Johnson will be our fearless leaders! They regularly plod the Palmetto Trail and will be fantastic guides.

The first section of the Swamp Fox Passage is a very nice hike. There is a bog section full of very large canivorous Pitcher Plants that are amazing to see. We can picnic at Halfway Creek campground (our end point) - there might be a few tables there and a pitcher pump for water. We have also seen a few snakes on this portion of the trail as well as the recovering Downy Woodpecker. Wildlife is an iffy with large groups but the plants aren't going anywhere. No public restrooms on the trail or at either end.

We will meet at the Sewee Visitors Center on Hwy 17N in Awendaw at 8am that morning. We will then jockey vehicles to the end point so we have rides back to the start. We will depart by 8:15am, so please plan to arrive by that time. If you get lost or need directions, you may call me at 843-291-8248.

Each person should bring his/her own picnic lunch. If people want to bring appetizers/desserts to share that is fine, too.

We generally manage about 2 mph so a group hike will take us 3-4 hours to complete.

Below is a link to the Swamp Fox portion of the Palmetto Trail. We will be doing 6 miles of the first section.

When: Saturday, 4/27, 8am

Where: Meet at Sewee Visitors Center

Cost: Free

Lunch: BYO

See you there!

Amy Monsky

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