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Amy Monsky
Nov 28 2012
Family-friendly Holiday Party with (optional) Cookie Exchange/Competition

The following e-mail announcement was sent by Amy Monsky to the Family Friendly Activities mailing list:


Good afternoon!

Our fourth annual family-friendly holiday party** will be Sunday, 12/2 at 11am. The location will be the same as last year which is Doty Park in Summverville. For those unfamiliar with this location, there is an enclosed playground, lots of tennis courts, some green space, but most importantly we'll have access to and exclusive use of the climate-controlled building. And there are of course real bathrooms.

(**Please note that this holiday party is in addition to (not in lieu of) SHL's annual solstice potluck, which will be on 12/16. You can take your kids to SHL's potluck, but it's not especially child-friendly. This holiday party on 12/2 is specifically for families and kids, though you don't have to have kids to come.)

Okay! So what is this holiday party? Besides being a time to have fun and enjoy each other's company, we share a potluck-style lunch (so be thinking 'bout what you want to bring!) and we have a cookie exchange/competition.

The cookie exchange/competition is optional but lots of fun. Here's how it works. Each participating family makes a batch of their very best cookies and brings them to the party. Each batch of cookies will then be divided among the other participating families. So, you come with a batch of cookies and leave with the equivalent of a batch of cookies, but instead of one kind, you have lots of different delicious cookies. Make sense? If not, please ask. The rules for the cookie exchange are at the bottom of this message. So that's the exchange part. The competition part is straightforward. We will choose impartial judges who will choose the best tasting cookie as well as the best looking cookie. Prizes will be awarded, not the least of which is the glory associated with being Prized Cookiemaker. :)

Drinks and paperware will be provided so a fairly accurate headcount is helpful. If you're interested in coming (and I know you are!), RSVPs are not required but are helpful. You can do so in one of several ways. This event is listed on the Facebook pages of both Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry and Secular Humanist Families of Charleston. It's also listed on the yahoo! page of the Secular Humanist Families of Charleston. And finally, you can email me at the email address below. However you choose to RSVP, please list the number of people, including children, who will be attending.

Finally, there is a possibility that we will have some holiday crafts for the kids to make, but this hasn't been ironed out, so no guarantees here. There is also the possibility that we will be projecting a holiday movie (maybe the Polar Express?) on the wall. I'll try to let you know about this asap. If we did this, it would be after we eat, and maybe we can have popcorn and hot cocoa.

Okay, here are the rules for the cookie exchange. If you're not interesting in participating, you don't need to read any further. You're free! :)

1. All cookies must be homemade. This means from scratch, not just home baked. :)

2. What is a cookie? Great question! For the cookie exchange, any cookie-ish delectable is okay. So fudge, brittle, brownies - they're all fine. The competition will be divided into cookies and non-cookies.

3. What is a batch? Use your judgement here. Yields will vary from batch to batch, so aim for at least 3 cookies per other participating family. I think probably 3 dozen cookies will be sufficient.

4. *puts on Scrooge hat* The cookies for the exchange are for participants only. If you'd like to share your cookies during the potluck meal with non-participants, you might want to make a few extra. lol!

5. There will be 3 prizes awarded this year. In addition to Best Tasting Cookie and Best Looking Cookie (both of which are for real "cookies" only), we will have Best Non-Cookie (fudge, brittle, brownies, etc.). Judges will be selected at random from men, women, and kids.

Questions? Email me at or call/text me at 291-8248.

Hope to see you there!

Amy Monsky

Family Activities Coordinator


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