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Aug 10 2011
Being Out and Normal

Dale McGowan - co-author of Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers -

has a blog where he talks about, well, parenting beyond belief. Although I

haven't been moved by his posts over the last few months, I thought his latest

was quite good.

One of the pieces of advice that Dale emphasizes in his books, his workshops,

and his blog is to "be out and be normal" and this post describes a recent event

in which he put his own words of wisdom to work. The setting was a family

reunion among mostly Southern Baptist family members which led to a potentially

awkward moment. Fortunately his quick wit enabled everyone to feel comfortable,

hence the title "Embrace the Awkward."

Anyway, besides being entertaining, this article spoke to me because, while "be

out and be normal" seems simple enough, it's not always easy to figure out what

IS normal. It is often hard to know whether and what to say or do this or that

as an atheist among the religious and what passes for normal for the religious

would decidedly not be normal for the non-religious, at least in the eyes of the

religious. But he says all this better than I can, so here's the link where you

can read it in full:

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