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Jun 8 2011
Camp Quest South Carolina weekend family camp

Camp Quest South Carolina's first camp will be a weekend family camp this fall! The weekend family camp will be a mini-Camp Quest all the fun and excitement of a week-long camp will be condensed into a school-year friendly, easy-on-your-wallet, super-duper-fun weekend! Both parents and kids will get a sampler of what campers can expect at a week-long camp. Plus, the camp experience will not only be a fun way to spend the weekend with ones own family, it will also lead to a strengthened sense of community with our fellow humanist families.

Camp Quest is known for the 3 Fs Fun, Friends, and Freethought. At the family camp, we add a 4th F, and that is, of course, Family! The entire family, from the youngest baby to the oldest grandma and grandpa, is welcome! We will have age-appropriate programs and activities for all ages. This makes the family camp particularly attractive to families with children who are not quite camper-aged (especially envious younger siblings!) or who may be camper-aged but not quite ready for a whole week away from home. Of course, the weekend camp will be lots of fun for camper-aged kids as well.

The CQSC family camp will be October 1-2, 2011 at Camp Long in Aiken, South Carolina. The cost is $50 per person ages 4yo and up (free for those 3yo and under) and includes meals, lodging, and all activities (including the program for parents with Dale McGowan). We are also offering an optional low-ropes team building course for people ages 11yo and older for an additional $30 per person. To register your family, please go to You can make a payment at Donations of any amount are also welcome and can be made at the bottom of the payment page.

To get more information about CQSC 2011, please visit I was also interviewed about Camp Quest by Han Hills for the Cape Reason podcast, and you can listen to that here:

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