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Feb 11 2010
Foundation Beyond Belief - Secular Parent Survey

Foundation Beyond Belief has two sides a humanist charitable giving program, and an education and support program for secular parents. FBB has recently signed on a new Parent Community Coordinator, and her first task is taking the pulse of the secular parenting world finding out just who we are and what parents need who are raising their kids without religion in a predominantly religious world. To that end, FBB has created a 10-minute survey to get a better sense of who we are and what we need. The first of several, this one focuses on general questions including parents' background and current attitudes, family practices, and specific needs. A survey next week will go to existing secular parenting groups to see who and where they are, what's working for them and what's not, and what they need in terms of support. Other individual surveys will focus on specific topics including science, dealing with death, and kids' peer experiences.

If you're interested in taking this survey, you can go to FBB's website:

While we're on the topic of secular parent surveys, SHL has a very short one. Several parents have already taken it, but if you haven't already participated, please consider doing so at ... milysurvey

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