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Jan 3 2010
Raising Free-Linkers

From Dale McGowan's blog The Meming of Life at www.

Raising Freethinkers is chock-full of resources, including several bazillion URLs. Most are manageable, but some are just unforgivably long. Even as we

prepared the manuscript, I wondered just how many people would really have the fortitude to type out strings like ... icleID=246.

Now Colin T at Science-Based Parenting has prevented an epidemic of carpal tunnel syndrome among secular parents by putting every URL from Raising Freethinkers online. He has even linked to the Amazon page for every recommended book.

I'm speechless.

This was something I had originally considered myself, but the enormity of the task kept it safely on the back burner. I am very grateful to Colin for taking this on.

Links to resources in Raising Freethinkers, Ch. 1-3 -

Links to resources in Raising Freethinkers, Ch. 4-6 -

Links to resources in Raising Freethinkers, Ch. 7-9 -

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