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Dec 20 2009
Santa Claus - The Ultimate Dry Run

by Dale McGowan, of course

an excerpt:

"Santa Claus, my secular friends, is the greatest gift a rational worldview ever had. Our culture has constructed a silly and temporary myth parallel to its

silly and permanent one. They share a striking number of characteristics, yet the one is cast aside halfway through childhood. And a good thing, too: A

middle-aged father looking mournfully up the chimbly along with his sobbing children on yet another giftless Christmas morning would be a sure candidate for

a very soft room. This culturally pervasive myth is meant to be figured out, designed with an expiration date, after which consumption is universally frowned


This is bezactly how I feel, but Dale just articulates it so much better. Sometimes I have felt guilty about endorsing Santa or that I am somehow

hypocritical, but I always come back around to feeling that Santa is a good thing, and gives children a chance to figure something out on their own. I was

raised a theist (Catholic), and I came to atheism on my own. It (the journey as well as the destination) is sort of a badge of honor. As much as I feel I'm

giving my children a leg up by raising them to be freethinkers, I sometimes feel bad that they have not been given a puzzle to figure out and overcome for

themselves, and Santa fits that bill nicely.

Nov 12 2010
Re: Santa Claus - The Ultimate Dry Run

I also like Santa Claus. He is one of my favorite character and personality. He will be evergreen for his personality. I have collect almost all of books about him. If anyone has any good resources about Santa Claus, you can share it with me. Thanks :mrgreen:

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