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Sep 24 2009
October Weekend Family Events

Here are the family events for the weekend in October:

Saturday 10/10 noon-4pm picnic at West Farm Corn Maze - see the web page list of events or newsletter for more details

Saturday 10/24 11am-1pm (or so) playdate/get-together at Waterfront Park in Mount Pleasant, bring a picnic lunch if you want

For more information, please contact me at


Oct 11 2009
Re: October Weekend Family Events

Congratulations, Amy and Doug! The Second Family Picnic was a huge success. There were so many happy kids and parents there, the food was great, the corn maze (though a bit too hot) was fun and challenging...and the weather was cooperative almost until the scheduled end time. It was a pleasure meeting so many interesting people and I sure hope to have the opportunity to see them again in the future.

Here are just a few pictures of the corn maze and the picnic table:





Congratulations again...and thank you!


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