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Aug 29 2009
September Playdate Scheulde - with a Sunday morning time

Hello everyone,

Here is the playdate schedule for September (including 8/31). I'm happy to say that we've had such great turnout at our past playdates that we are going to try a weekly schedule. The majority of the playdates are at public parks throughout the Lowcountry, but one is at another mom's neighborhood pool. If you are interested in that one, please email for directions. Also, please note that one of the playdates is on a SUNDAY MORNING. Hopefully this will allow working parents as well as school-going kids to attend.

Each playdate starts at 10am and lasts about 2 hours.

Monday, 8/31 fellow secular mom's neighborhood pool (West Ashley)

Sunday, 9/13 Waterfront Park (Mount Pleasant)

Friday, 9/18 Wannamaker Park (North Charleston)

Wednesday, 9/23 Hazel Park (Downtown Charleston)

Monday, 9/28 Riverland Terrace (James Island)

If you have suggestions or would like to be involved in the planning of future playdates, please email



Sep 13 2009
Re: September Playdate Scheulde - with a Sunday morning time

I would like to post an update about the turnout we're having for the playdates.

Unfortunately, the weather was less than cooperative 8/31 so we had a last-minute change of venue. Although we did have 4 families, I think we would have had more if the weather had not been a factor. Prior to that day, the average turnout has been about 8 families.

Despite the low turnout for 8/31, we had a fantastic turnout for the Sunday morning get-together. It was our biggest turnout yet. 11 families came, which (in addition to the 11 moms) included 7 dads and 21 kids ranging in ages from 3 months to 10 years. The math comes out to be 39 people!! It was a great way to spend a Sunday morning.

Sep 17 2009
Re: September Playdate Scheulde - with a Sunday morning time

In the case of inclement weather Friday 9/18, we will meet at the play area at the Northwoods Mall instead of Wannamaker Park.

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