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Aug 24 2009
Influence without Indoctrination

Here is a link to Dale McGowan's Parenting Beyond Belief "Influence without Indoctrination" you Tube video. This is something that, as my children have gotten older, I think about a lot. I have begun to realize that I have been indoctrinating my kids with my views, and though I feel my views are good ones (obviously), it's more important to me that my kids are thinkers, and believe what they believe because they have thought about it, not just accepting it blindly. And so I have struggled with how to share my views without stating them as absolute truths (even if they are :D ). I want my children to feel free to question me and to arrive at their own opinions, and hopefully in the long run those opinions are among the good ones. Dale talks about influence versus indoctrination, and I think he does a fantastic job. At over 9 minutes, it's a lengthy video, but one worth watching. ... annel_page

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