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Dec 15 2007
SC State Board of Education elects a creationist chairman

This from Rob Dillion:

Many of us were quite concerned to read in the newspapers late last week

that Ms. Kristin Maguire has been running for the 2009 chairmanship of

the State Board of Education. We remember Ms. Maguire as one of the

most vocal critics of the evolution standards currently in our state

science curriculum. We held some hope that Mr. Trip DuBard, the

preference of the Nominating Committee, would win election to the post.

I am sorry to report, however, that Ms. Maguire defeated Mr. DuBard this

morning (Dec 13, 2007), by a vote of 9*-to-7.

Even more ominously, also on the agenda at this morning's SBE meeting

was textbook approval for a variety of state curricula. One of the

board members cited a public letter criticizing two highly respected

biology textbooks on the basis of a long-discredited Creationist tract,

"Icons of Evolution." His objection apparently persuaded the majority

of the State Board to withhold approval of two excellent high school

biology textbooks.

The Board has requested review copies of the two texts they did not

approve this morning and will take up the issue again in January.

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