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Jun 6 2009
Secular Moms Groups

My husband and I saw your billboard off I-26 a few months ago. We were very excited to see that such a group exists in this area. We'd love to join this group. Are there many families in this group? I'd LOVE to find a 'moms group' to meet some other non-religious moms. Does such a group exist (whether a part of SHL or not)? I've made some good friends in this area, but really want to meet some like-minded (non-religious) moms too! :-) Any info that members of this group might have to share would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

Jun 7 2009
Re: Secular Moms Groups

We're just starting to have some family programming. After many years of being a group with few children, there has been a recent ``baby boom'' in the SHL membership and we now have quite a few parents in the group. (Not hundreds, but a handful...which is more than we used to have!)

Last month we had our first family picnic. (You can still read about it here. It was rather small (about five families with kids showed up, and many other people as well) but everyone who attended seemed to enjoy it, and we're hoping to do more like that in the future. In fact, for the first time we have a member of the SHL board who is designated to be in charge of family programming.

Since the board election just happened and our first board meeting is later this month, it is too soon to expect anything to have happened. Perhaps you could make suggestions of what you'd like to see us start doing. You could use this discussion board as a place to post those suggestions. But, you might also consider attending some SHL events to get to know some of the regular members. Unfortunately, many of the programs take a break for the summer, so you may have to wait until September for some. But, we're supposed to have a potluck party in July and the movie club goes to see movies (usually not kid friendly ones) the first weekend of each month. Sign up for our mailing list by sending your name, e-mail address and (optional) your mailing address to and you'll receive announcement mailings of other events like these.

-Alex (a secular dad)

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