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Apr 7 2009
Secular Humanist Education Program

Several times a year Charleston County has community education programs. The Spring 2009 catalogue has just arrived in our mailboxes. Occasionally one of the schools has a Bible Study program. This year it’s Burke. The course description asks “Do you want an insight into a relationship with God, family, and friends?” and responds to its own question “You can find these answers in God’s work.” You can see the entire description on page 9 of the catalog.

It occurs to me that we are missing a great opportunity to expand our “Don’t believe in God. You are not alone.” message. We have a good number of professors, teachers and instructors in our ranks and perhaps we could prevail upon them to conduct a Secular Humanist class in one, or more, of the Schools in Charleston County. I would suggest as a textbook and/or lesson plan, Christopher Hitchens "The Portable Atheist" and/or his "God Is Not Great."

It seems to me that we should explore this with a goal of setting up classes in EVERY Charleston County school. At the very least we would have Charleston County paying for publication of the message.

Frank B

Apr 7 2009
Re: Secular Humanist Education Program

I'v never read the books you say would be good subject matter, what does it cover?

Apr 8 2009
Re: Secular Humanist Education Program

I am not familiar with the Charleston County community education program. (I live in Dorchester County.) Is it night school for people who want to get a GED or something else?

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