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Bill and Ted
Mar 11 2009
Humanist Parenting website!

Perhaps y'all already knew about this, but I just found a Humanist Parenting website run by the IHS. Raising a child without religion may be difficult in the rest of the country, but here in the Holy City it's harder still. So, I think we can use all the advice we can get!

Check it out at

Mar 11 2009
Re: Humanist Parenting website!

This is very good!

A challenge to all humanists out there of reproductive age and ability, we need more of us!

It is our biological imperative to create fertile offspring. This is the real definition of success, no?

Apr 20 2009
Re: Humanist Parenting website!

doesn't this site kinda look like a massive advertisement for the book they are selling there.

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