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Jan 14 2008
Charleston Chapter of Americans United

Americans United for Separation of Church and State (a group of both religious and non-religious people who share the goal of ensuring freedom of religion in America by keeping the government out of the business of religion) has a Charleston chapter:

Jan 21 2008
AU Pres. RevMonty Knight @ Dorchester Bible Public Classroom

Monty is a great advocate for both Christians & Secularists. He attended the illegal Bible Study funded by Dorchester High School taxpayers masquerading as a "elective bible as literature" course. Monty is an eyewitness now that instead, the course is fundamentalist & incompetent with only occasional attempts at discussing the King James Bible as "literature" when the public school teacher on salary in a regular classroom paid for by taxpayers is married to a religious extremist. She also sits on a Columbia committee which is supposed to set policy for state wide regulation of such "electives" mandated by the Legislature for bible studies at taxpayer expense. She obviously could not wait for that process to be completed, so she & her co-conspirators invented this "pilot" course on the fly with books which are the subject of court cases in Texas & elsewhere theocrats are being confronted. Monty has fine training in counseling & ministry & represents Princeton & his denomination well privately. Publically he is a charming leader of Americans United for Separation of State from Church. Faith is private. Public Schools are not faith based institutions. Boy Bush & the Bush Crime family would have it other wise. One can not buy a geology book now at the Grand Canyon Park Service "bookstore" because only creationist propaganda is now allowed to be sold there while all park rangers are under a gag rule to not use the words "evolution" or "millions of years" to describe the Grand Canyon facts. Let religious nuts run public facilties & that's what you get, lies censoring science or literature. I'm honored to stand with fine people of faith who defend the Constitution. The problem remains the bigot, the theocrat & the crook who hide behind religiosity to force their ills upon us all.

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