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Oct 31 2011
Supreme Court gets it right

The Supreme Court today correctly refused to hear a request to overturn a lower court's ruling that the Utah Highway Patrol's 12 foot high crosses on public land is in violation of the first amendment, even though they are intended as a memorial to fallen troopers.

see article here

Unsurprisingly, I agree with the lower court that a reasonable person could see these crosses as an endorsement of religion and, in particular, of an indication of a direct link between this branch of the government and Christianity in particular. Apparently, most of the justices agreed. Also unsurprisingly, Justice Thomas was in dissent and argued that the case should have been taken up. (Of course, he believes that the 13th amendment was never passed, which would not only mean that states can pass any laws they want restricting or endorsing religion, but also that slavery is still legal and that states can deny people all rights of citizenship. Great.)

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