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Sep 3 2011
religion in the news update

A few stories that might be of interest to SHL members:

A summary of the role of theology in the 2012 GOP race

An orthodox rabbi in Israel faces opposition from both sides for his policy of "helping" gay men and lesbian women by pairing them up

Controversy over use of religion on military funerals in TX (note: don't let anyone convince you this is about "denying the religious their freedom of speech". Read it carefully and you'll see that the current policy -- the one they are fighting -- allows all religious references in the funeral so long as they have the family's consent! The thing is, some families don't want to have a Christian funeral service for their deceased loved one -- like maybe they aren't Christian or something!)

Sep 26 2011
Re: religion in the news update

Here's another one that might be of interest to SHL members. An article in USA Today about Jewish atheists.

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