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Jun 10 2011
Christians know they are intolerant

Jun 16 2011
Re: Christians know they are intolerant

So, basically the bus company will charge more for ads from atheists because other people might vandalize those ads.

What a clever new way to discriminate against an oppressed minority! Just think of how far this could go to restoring us to the "good old days"!

For instance, though it may no longer be legal to keep black people out of your restaurant, you could charge them an extra $900 fee in case any racists might happen to through a brick through your window when they are there.

An employer who is not at all sexist himself might have to pay a woman half the salary that he would pay a man for the same job because the other half of the salary has to go to compensate for the possibility that sexist people might boycott the company when they hear that he hired a woman.

The power of the human mind to innovate (especially, to innovate new ways to be horrible to each other) never ceases to amaze me.

Bill and Ted
Jun 16 2011
Re: Christians know they are intolerant

Our favorite part of the article is this quote from the advertising agency:

"Arkansas is the buckle of the Bible Belt and I can easily envision zealots or upstanding citizens with a strong faith acting out."

We love the way it uses the phrase "upstanding citizens" to refer to the people illegally vandalizing the buses (and not the people who paid for the ad on the buses and broke no law).

Jun 24 2011
Re: Christians know they are intolerant

Bill and Ted,

I get a chuckle out of that quote as well, for the same reason you listed.

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