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Dec 7 2010
God still loves us!!

Atheists in Fort Worth, Texas should feel warm and fuzzy. After putting up a bus ad that says "Millions of Americans are Good without God," some local Christians have hired a mobile billboard to follow one of the buses around. Their ad says "I still love you - God." Heath Hill, Lime Media President, said "Business owners and individuals really want the atheists to know that God hasn't given up on them and still loves them." Can you feel the love? I usually just roll my eyes at some of the things Christians do, but I thought this one was laugh-out-loud funny. Atheists with a (paying) Christian following. Gotta love that!

One of Hemant Mehta's followers suggested that there should be a second mobile billboard to follow the first one around, and it should say "P.S. But you're still going to hell."

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