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Aug 30 2010
interesting essay: "pope forgot women"

Just noticed this in the Guardian:

Oops, we forgot Jesus's women

The pope's new book, The Friends of Jesus, doesn't mention any of his female associates. It's a telling omission.

Was it a hilarious howler or does he simply not like women? The pope's new children's book, The Friends of Jesus, tells the stories of 14 of Jesus's closest friends, but omitted to include any women, despite Jesus's celebrated friendship with several of the less Catholic sex, especially Mary Magdalene.


The alternative to policies of inclusion is an institution that oversees the spiritual welfare and private lives of a billion people, but has no women at all in its hierarchy, nor even men who have wives or daughters. It's one of those situations that's so familiar you have to take a step back to notice just how idiotic it is.


See here for the rest.

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