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Aug 13 2010

In many communities in our state, there is essentially no separation between church and state. Often, really well intentioned politicians simply do not understand the importance of keeping government out of the religion business. For instance, on Monday the Spartanburg County Council is voting on the question of whether they should elect an official chaplain to do their invocations.

America is designed to be an intelligent democracy. Essentially, things are to be decided by a vote. However, there are some exceptions. The Bill of Rights, for example, puts some limits on what can be done even with majority approval. The reason that religion was included in there is that this is one area that should NOT be selected by the majority. Freedom of Religion means that no religions are singled out as being "the right religion" or "the wrong religion" so that everyone (including those in religious minorities) are equal in the eyes of the government. This is why selecting an official chaplain by a vote of the council is such a bad idea.

You can help right now by contacting the council members and trying to explain it to them so that they can understand. See FFRF's Action Alerts for information on how to contact them and suggestions on what you can mention.

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