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Mar 11 2010
California court calls Pledge constitutional

A California court today issued a ruling saying that the phrase "One Nation, Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance is legal. (See here.)

I'm curious to know whether the line is drawn. Would it be legal for the Pledge to say "One Nation, Under Jesus" and thereby exclude all of the Jewish and Muslim Americans? Would it be legal for the Pledge to say "One Nation, Under the Pope" or "One Nation, guided by the Book of Mormon" and exclude most Christians?

I think nearly everyone would agree that all of these would be violations of the intention of the US Constitution to ensure that people are free to select a religion but the government is not free to tell them which is the RIGHT one. If I'm right about that, then those same people are really being hypocritical by supporting the "One Nation, Under God" phrase which does exactly the same thing, it suggests that although I was born in this country, work and pay my taxes, and am a law abiding citizen, that somehow I am not a real, loyal American because of my religious beliefs.

In my opinion, it was a mistake in the mid-20th century when "Under God" was added to the Pledge and "In God We Trust" was made the national motto. (Those who claim that these need to be there to honor our "religious tradition" forget that we had a secular motto and pledge before these changes and THAT was our tradition!) Unfortunately, the longer it takes before the error is corrected the more entrenched it becomes.

Mar 24 2010
Re: California court calls Pledge constitutional

That's one poor judge. Legaleze aside, being forced to acknowledge that your nation lies under the overarching power of a deity is a pretty strait forward breech of the spirit of the 1st amendment, and while the Pledge was originally not a congressional product, it has been approved and endorsed by Congress for the indoctrination of US kids. Again, pretty strait forward. Perhaps more stupid is that the Pledge addresses the FLAG and not the nation or Constitution. I suppose that's how we end-up w/ people thinking flag-burning is some kind of sacrilege. I'm all for indoctrinating kids w/ good ideas, but the Pledge does the opposite.

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