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Mar 11 2010
"Smut for Smut" is a bad idea!

As you may have seen elsewhere, a Texas student group has been getting media attention for its campaign to trade Bibles for pornography. I agree with Hemant Mehta who argues that this is a bad idea. Read his editorial on it here.

Mar 14 2010
Re: "Smut for Smut" is a bad idea!

What a monumentally bad idea. It's such a bad idea I would prefer to believe the "Smut for Smut" folks are believers trying to make non-believers look bad. Unfortunately, the evidence says otherwise.

The "Fiction for Fiction" campaign is much more in keeping with the friendly atheist attitude I think will do us the most good as a community. Remember the wise advice from "Singin' in the Rain:" Make them laugh, make them laugh, make them laugh!

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