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Dec 4 2009
judge in jeopardy for supporting church/state separation

According to this AHA press release, the nomination of a judge to an appeals court is in jeopardy because he ruled that Christian invocations at governmental functions in Indiana were unconstitutional. Of course, the religious right portrays this as "anti-religious". (As we know, requiring the government to be religiously neutral is not anti-religious. Everyone else is allowed to be religious, and church/state separation actually helps to ensure religious freedom!)

Anyway, they urge us to write to our senators in support of this judge. Perhaps I'm too jaded. I don't usually think it is worth writing to our senators since they are so far to the right (even Graham who isn't "right' enough for most South Carolinians) that they basically just ignore everything I send them. But, if you have a better relationship with them than I do or if you are just more idealistic, please do try to help him out!

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