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Feb 18 2005
Iran: Bush, bin Laden 2 peas in a pod

Iran: Bush, bin Laden 2 peas in a pod

Official says same fanatical rhetoric, violence come from both leaders


Posted: February 18, 2005

1:00 a.m. Eastern


The president of Iran says al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden and President Bush are both quite similar, saying each employs the same fanatical rhetoric and violent tendencies.

The speech by President Mohammad Khatami was aired on Iran's Channel 1 TV Feb. 13 and was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute. The clip is available for viewing on the organization's website.

"Our problem is the violent and rigid voices heard in the world," stated Khatami. "One such voice was heard from Afghanistan during the Taliban rule, and another is being heard from the White House. This is a dangerous thing. Even though they confront one another, and pound and harm one another.

"Mr. bin Laden says: 'What I realized, with my narrow understanding my God is the traditional and fanatic perspective of Islam the Islam of 10 centuries ago and I consider any innovation to be heretical. This is my truth. Anyone who doesn't agree with this point of view is an infidel, an atheist and fair game. In order to kill [Bush] it is permitted to pulverize thousands of innocent people. In order to weaken him it is permitted to make millions miserable.' This is one perspective."

Continued Khatami: "This very same voice is heard from the White House. It says: 'Whoever is not with us is against us, and war against [bin Laden] is a holy war.' But if you delve a little deeper, and exchange the words of Bush and bin Laden, you will be unable to distinguish between the two."

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