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Sep 3 2009
"good luck" to non-theistic left-leaning candidate in SC

A Winthrop University senior who is president of their freethinkers club is running for the SC State House. Between being politically on the left and openly atheistic, his chances of winning a seat in Greenville are nearly zero so far as I can tell.

Perhaps I'm being unfair there. Maybe there are lots of voters who would not rule out a candidate just based on their prejudices about liberals and atheists. But, if you add that I tend to be on the left politically and am openly atheist and I don't think I would vote for him (subsidizing compact fluorescent light bulbs is not my idea of great politics), then I really can't see how he could win. (Of course, I could be wrong.)

So, the most interesting thing to watch is how he gets treated by those who disagree with his views. For example, check out this opinion piece by another student.

Oct 6 2009
Re: "good luck" to non-theistic left-leaning candidate in SC

Neal Jones, the UU minister in Columbia and the president of the Columbia chapter of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State (and one of the litigants in the "I Believe" license plate lawsuit) just announced that he's running for State House 80 in Richland county. I think he'd make a great rep!

On a personal note, this past Saturday I announced my candidacy for the SC House District 80 seat in Lower Richland. I am tired of our legislators regularly violating the separation of church and state without so much as one dissenting vote. I am also tired of being embarrassed by their political antics. I want to be a progressive voice for change in education, health care, and voting rights, so I'm throwing my hat in the ring. I welcome any support you wish to lend to my campaign.

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