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Sep 2 2009
NASA mission for missionaries?

This article from the Los Angeles Chronicle discusses a complaint from American Atheists (AA) about a piece of a plane wreckage that was taken up on a shuttle mission. Apparently, it is part of a plane that carried Christian missionaries in Ecuador. It is difficult to tell from the article exactly what's going on. Is it being brought as a personal memento by one of the astronauts? Is it some official indication that NASA is interested in converting aliens to Christianity?

It is difficult for me to get too excited about this because I'm not exactly sure what it means.

But, the part of the article that was really interesting is the discussion of how Ed Buckner (who is challenging this as AA president) relates to the fact that his father was a minister who was involved in the religious service on Apollo 8! We'll have to ask him about that when he visits the SHL later this month.

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