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Feb 15 2005
Opinion: To God, Sexual Orientation is Irrelevant

(The following editiorial article appeared in a student publication of Washingston State University. It might hurt your head a little to read, what with the constant references to Jesus and God, but it shows that some Christians are thinking in the right direction. --NW)

To God, sexual orientation is irrelevant

Love and tolerance are central tenets of Christianity


Contributing Writer, The Daily Evergreen

When you think of Christians, what do you think of? While the religion promotes love, I would imagine that many of you have had experiences that lead you to view Christianity in a different light. This is particularly common when it comes to the issue of homosexuality.

I will not deny that much has been done in the name of Christianity that has hurt members of the GLBT community. Certainly, there has been defamatory speech, isolation and even violence in the name of Christianity. These actions are carried out by those who claim that we are to love others as ourselves. Jenni Madden, associate campus pastor at Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, said she thinks that many Christians try to judge people because “they forget that it’s Jesus’ job to do that.”

I cannot undo the damage that has been done already, but I would like to reinforce Ms. Madden’s view that Christians should not judge people, and should instead leave that up to Jesus.

The first thing I’d like to note is that Christians hold the belief that all humans make mistakes (Romans 3:10). Over the past six years, each of eight tribes in the Congo was attempting genocide against the others, resulting in more than 3.8 million deaths.

The author Donald Miller writes: “I just want to know what makes those guys over there any different from you and me. They are human. We are human. Why are we any better than them, you know?” The answer he gave next is quite simple: There is no difference. Miller contends that we would commit the same atrocities as them in the same situation.

So, it is important to remember that, when Christians says that a homosexual lifestyle is not acceptable to God, they are including it in a long list of things which are in the same category. Even if a homosexual lifestyle wasn’t wrong, we all still make other mistakes. We are only saying that homosexuals need God’s love, just like the rest of us do.

Not being gay, I can’t say whether or not it is a choice to be so, but I can say that the common defense, “I was made this way, so I can’t be held accountable,” does not stand.

I, personally, am frequently tempted by a wide array of immorality. I was born this way, just as a homosexual is born with their own temptations. Would this justify me following my actions? I argue that it does not, and that we are instructed by the Bible to rely on God for the strength in the times when we know that what we want goes against what he wants for us.

Finally, I want to leave no ambiguity on this issue. Do Christians believe that living a homosexual lifestyle is wrong? Yes, many of us do. Do we believe that God loves homosexuals any less than heterosexuals? Absolutely not, and I encourage any Christian who believes that to reexamine their beliefs.

The driving force behind all of God’s interaction with us, including rules for how we should live, is his love for us. Many Christians forget this, and cause pain towards others. When you think of Christians, what do you think of? If they are truly representing their beliefs, you’ll think of love.

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