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Apr 5 2009
Christian Right Done with Politics?

Interesting Editorial in the Washington Post about the political failure of the religious right. Quotes of interest include:

Pragmatically speaking, the Christian coalition of cultural crusaders didn't work. For proof, one need look no further than Dobson himself, who was captured on tape recently saying that the big cultural battles have all been lost.

Shortly thereafter, in late March, Christian radio host Steve Deace of WHO Radio in Iowa aggressively interviewed Tom Minnery, head of the political arm of Focus on the Family. Minnery, whom Deace described as "the Karl Rove of the religious right," accused Deace during the interview of ambushing him when he had expected a chat about Dobson's legacy...Deace's point was that established Christian activist groups too often settle for lesser evils in exchange for electing Republicans. He cited as examples Dobson's support of Mitt Romney and John McCain, neither of whom is pro-life or pro-family enough from Deace's perspective.

Compromise may be the grease of politics, but it has no place in Christian orthodoxy, according to Deace.

Put another way, Christians may have no place in the political fray of dealmaking. That doesn't mean one disengages from political life, but it might mean that the church shouldn't be a branch of the Republican Party. It might mean trading fame and fortune (green rooms and fundraisers) for humility and charity.

I was alerted to the Deace-Minnery interview by E. Ray Moore -- founder of the South Carolina-based Exodus Mandate, an initiative to encourage Christian education and home schooling. Moore, who considers himself a member of the Christian right, thinks the movement is imploding.

(This one cracks me up! To describe them as trying to promote Christian education and home schooling is hilarious. I thought their goal was to move lots of "Christians" to South Carolina, take over the government and secede from the Union!!!)

And finally...

"You have the choice between a way that works and brings no credit or money or national attention," says Thomas. "Or, a way that doesn't work that gets you lots of attention and has little influence on the culture."

Interesting reading. Check it out for yourselves at: ... 03026.html

Apr 7 2009
Re: Christian Right Done with Politics?

I often wonder if they sit around and agree what's acceptable when lying to the public.

Does it sound like this "OH no, you can't say that. they won't believe you!" and the rebuttal is "Oh yes they will. as long as I say it. I'm popular!"

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