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Mar 30 2009
Automotive news day!

Today many of the US car makers from Detroit are going to announce big changes brought on from this recession, for the most part. GM will announce they're CEO will step down in a move to build consumer confidence in the auto maker at the request of the government.

I'm still under the impression that government does very little in the way of interference with corporate America, but it seems this is a bold step on it's part to attempt to restore the US Economy.

My other impressions of this.. will form when the news reports the auto makers actual intentions.. my father works at Ford Motor Company, he has been offered at least 6 buyout programs that started high and went lower and lower each attempt to get him to move out of the company and dump any possibility of a retirement he was promised 30 years prior.

The focus on employees have shifted to the focus on general economy at large. Do Americans really care if GM, or Ford collapse, especially when there's no shortage of Auto Makers popping up to take over

the business they once had. even in a down economy. these domestic brands are having a tough time selling what they offer. and many argue the automotive sector simply can't compete in a down market because they gambled much of they're chips on SUV's and TRUCKS, not expecting the fuel prices to SOAR. 2 Dollars USD premium unleaded today.

So recap -

Automotive leadership will release information about restructuring changes to spur consumer confidence... I doubt it will but it may..

President Obama will make some kinda Announcement, probably via Twitter or something about how he changed America for the better..

And Corporate structure will be the focus for today's announcements. not employees.

Posted 7:30AM, lets let the news day begin!. I wonder what the rest of the week will bring us..

OH.. Sony may have a big announcement on Tuesday about the price of Ps3? PSP line upgrade? who knows.

Mar 31 2009
Re: Automotive news day!

sony announced PS2 price drop, big deal. it's a 10 year old system. not worth 99$

Mar 31 2009
Re: Automotive news day!

The unfortunate reality of capitalism and a free market is that not everyone is guaranteed to survive.

Apr 1 2009
Re: Automotive news day!

I hope I don't seem like a CENSOR. There are no strict rules here, but I would like to request that we stay on topic.

What the members of the SHL have in common is our lack of religion, and so posts should relate to that topic. There are a variety of opinions on politics within the group, and though I am all in favor of open discussion between people who disagree, I fear that if we go in that direction on this website it will be divisive. Our group is small enough as it is and I think we can better achieve our goals if we can work together on those things we agree upon and avoid fighting over unrelated matters.

It is my intention to delete this thread in a few days. Until then, we can use it to discuss whether you agree with my decision to avoid general political discussion on this board.


Apr 1 2009
Re: Automotive news day!

The economy under my opinion, has failed because of Greed.

My wife and I comment about a company's ability to build an office building as an example.

Say you have the income and potential to buy an office building to house your employees and business activities.

instead of buying something that maintains your size and some minor future growth. you buy something 10x as big and rent out space to other companies as an investment.

The other tenants pay you rent to cover the additional expenses. and you take a loan out for the additional money to construct this megastructure.

Jobs are created to build it. jobs are created to fill the building with office workers, and the economy runs just fine!

When the economy fails. offices rented now are empty. and the company that supported those other companies now starts paying the bills, and profits are not becomming mortgage payments because

the people who originally paid for your mega-structure are all gone. so you're company has to foot the bill.

When your company finally collapses under it's own weight. there's an abandoned building left. with no company. and thousands of jobs lost. and everyone who worked there is clambering for new jobs elsewhere. and probably won't find them.

This example is based on "GREED" .. You're company should have maintained a conservative vision of how large to build that building, so you would never have to adjust your profits to have to pay for a mega-structure that your company could never support with income in a general recession.

People argue. "but there's no way to see that!!!"


The probability of real estate markets collapsing under "bubble" conditions were predicted 10 years PRIOR to the actual events that you are living in NOW. the concept of failure is IGNORED by everyone who feels they are Successful, it's just ignorance and greed that causes this.

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