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Mar 9 2009
article on growing # of nonreligious in USA today

Check out this USA Today article. It mentions that the percentage of the population which is nonreligious is growing. Interestingly, it specifically discusses Mount Pleasant, SC!

Is it just me, or does this article seem really biased? It comes out clearly sounding as if this is a problem that there are lots of non-religious people.

Mar 9 2009
Re: article on growing # of nonreligious in USA today

I thought it was funny that even the Catholic Priest poked fun at Ohio.

Interesting article and the priest with the beard looks very much like Dennis Hopper! :shock:

Mar 11 2009
Re: article on growing # of nonreligious in USA today

I know,I know, "Here he goes again", but I can't help but think that the exposure of the muslim faith for the hate-filled,murderous ideology it is has worked wonders. Fundamentalism at it's most fundamental,right? The gay priests helped too. I would love to see the mormons re-institute polygamy. I recognize that 90% of those polled still express a belief in god,but once the propagandist churches lose the majority and people start to THINK, that anachronism will fade too. BTW, when we first came to SC, in 1957, we settled in Mt. Pleasant. That old village was wonderful and our experiences have kept this Georgia boy coming back to this area ever since.

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