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Feb 25 2009
US Supreme Court makes horrible decision

New US Supreme Court Ruling

The Supreme Court today gave local governments the right to decide which religions can display monuments on public property and which cannot. The court correctly recognized that denying them this right means either public property completely swamped with different religious symbols or public parks which do not contain religious monuments. The latter seems like the wise choice to me, as it maintains government neutrality and religious freedom. But, the court decided that neither of these are good and that the only option is to let the government say "this religion is a good one, one that is part of our community" or "this religion isn't the religion of OUR city/town/county". It seems to me that this is setting a horrible precedent. Of course, hardly anyone will care when it is the Summums who are excluded, as they were today. But, this ruling can also be used to keep a Catholic monument out of the park, or to tell Jewish people "you're not part of this community", or ...

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