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Feb 1 2009
AOL: "non-believer nod unsettles some"

I was pleasantly surprised not to have heard any complaints about Obama's mention of "non-believers" in his inaugural address. As you might guess, I do not think there should have been any complaints. Obama just stated the fact that we exist, along with Moslem Americans, Hindu Americans, Scientological Americans (okay, he didn't mention them...but I have to admit that they exist too).

But, this AOL news story brings together some of the expected complaints. Apparently, some people were upset that he acknowledged our existence. (It seems that this bit of reality interferes with their belief that everyone in the world -- at least everyone who counts -- is a Christian.) Of course, a couple of hundred years ago, there would have been similar prejudice against Catholics. The Protestant majority didn't want to hear about them or give them their rights as citizens either. But, today, the existence of Catholic Americans, even when they are presidential candidates, is a non-issue. I'm still hoping that we're on our way to that kind of acceptance for atheists, Hindus, Muslims, and the rest of us. The AOL piece, though, shows we're not quite there.

Feb 2 2009
Re: AOL: "non-believer nod unsettles some"

where is there? Don't you enjoy being hidden in society, the only free thinker amongst drones, I mean seriously this is really fun. I can walk out on into the streets and NO ONE knows that I don't worship a god. and the moment they find out, the reaction is hilarious.

now, I think it's really funny. and I don't do it for my personal enjoyment, which makes it seriously funny - But on that note.

President Obama's late mother was an Atheist. He has to accept them as a real group.

It wouldn't surprise me if President Obama himself was an Atheist, he just shows up at churches to please the community - which many Atheists do.

in fact. many priests do it too. but I would NEVER tell anyone the truth in that matter. again, - look at the fallout it will cause amongst church members.

The Concept here is No one is really secretive, we're not ninjas or some kinda secret society - and if you want to be HEARD for what you believe in, say something. everyone is listening,

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