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Feb 8 2005
Islamists Threaten U.S. Christian Worker

Islamists threaten U.S. Christian worker

Website lists address, photo, prayer for delivery of 'fatty neck'


Posted: February 8, 2005

1:00 a.m. Eastern


A Christian aid worker who writes for an evangelical news service apparently has been targeted for death by contributors to an Islamist website.

Posting on the Houston-based site Al Ansar, the Islamists blamed Jeremy Reynalds, director of Joy Junction in New Mexico, for the demise of another website,, and asked if anyone else had more information on him, according to Internet Haganah.

Internet Haganah describes itself as a "global open-source intelligence network dedicated to confronting Internet use by Islamist terrorist organizations, their supporters, enablers and apologists."

In the subsequent discussion thread on Al Ansar, the Islamists posted Reynalds' home address so he would be "visited" and then a photograph with the wish that his ribs would be broken.

Another offered prayers to Allah that Reynalds' "fatty neck" would be delivered to them, a reference to Islamists' common method of decapitation.

"The thread closes with a heartfelt 'amen,'" Internet Haganah said.

Reynalds' emergency homeless shelter is the largest in New Mexico. He also is a freelance writer who has covered topics related to Islam and terrorism.

He wrote about the demise of the website in a January article.

When informed by Internet Haganah of the threat, Reynalds said he has no intention of backing down.

"He is more determined than ever to help drive Internet terrorism right where it belongs into the pit of hell!" Internet Haganah said.

Meanwhile, relatives of Hossam Armanious, an immigrant from Egypt slain Jan. 14 with his wife and two daughters, suspect Islamic radicals who issued death threats via an Internet chat service are responsible.

The New York Sun reported last week that Armanious was just one of a number of Christians systematically tracked by a radical Islamic website because they debate Muslims on the popular Internet chat service features photographs and information about Christians who actively debate on PalTalk, including a group of photographs of a Syrian Christian, "Joseph," who now lives in Canada. One comment warns: "Know, oh Christian, that you are not far from us and you are under our watchful eyes!"

The Islamic website's banner displays lamb with its throat being slit and a crucifix crossed out by a violent red "X." The main heading, in Arabic, says "Christians: Revealing the Truth Behind Our Belief."

The FBI reportedly is investigating

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